CBC Flight Inc.

We, at CBC Flight Inc, specialize in Business class airline tickets at discounted rates. We also provide business class international airline fare. If you need to travel anywhere in the world, we will offer you exclusive, lower priced business class flight tickets for your comfortable overseas travel, on all the major airlines!

Our customers can save up to 60% on domestic or international business class tickets. CBC Flight Inc. specializes in providing a deep discount on business class flight tickets, whenever you need. If you need urgent tickets within 24 hours, we can offer you the discounted price for your business class tickets. Thus, whether you are flying in two months or within 24 hours, CBC Flight Inc always helps you to secure cheap business class international flights where you will save between 30% and 60% off of the regular price. CBC Flight Inc, provides cheap business class international flights. Moreover, if your spouse, friend or colleague is travelling with you, then, you can get a second Business Class ticket for your spouse, friend, or colleague, and for that you have to pay no extra cost, when you fly with select airlines. Our trained and experienced agents are dedicated to help you save while providing top experience.

Our “live” agents always pick up the phone every time you call and all your requests will be handled quickly and professionally by our efficient and experienced travel professionals, without making you wait or wasting your time. You will not have to face any kind of inconvenience by spending hours waiting on hold. The proficient and helpful agents of CBC Flight Inc. will do all the work for you!

CBC Flight Inc.' mission of "Redefine Travel and Reimagine the World" means they alter the traditional definition of the travel agency. They do this by making global travel accessible to everyone with the added amenities of comfort and luxury at extremely reduced prices that other travel agencies can not compete with. Moreover, CBC Flight Inc. customers have flexibility in their planning (including modifying destinations and dates) without the stress because the agents do all the work.

Today, CBC Flight Inc. has expanded its client base internationally to thousands of customers in countries around the world such as Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, China and the United Arab Emirates. Focusing on affordable business and first class international tickets, CBC Flight Inc. allows their clients to travel in comfort while saving up to 60%. We continue to offer remarkably discounted business and first class flights and will work around the clock to accommodate travelers from all over the world.